Traverse JSON trees

I believe that knowing how to traverse JSON trees is an important skill to master, particularly when designing applications that consume complex JSON structures through API requests.

When I recently started playing around the epynomous Wikipedia Viewer challenge on Free Code Camp, traversing the wikipedia API tree was an important first step. While there are many techniques, I decided to go for a recursive function approach. Pay attention however as Javascript creates a stack for each recursive call...

The way this works is straightforward:

  1. For each JSON object determine whether it is a defined (bang bang!!) object.
  2. If it is an object, recursively call the function to traverse it.
  3. If it is not an object (example: array, string, value), then it must be a leaf node!

Take the Wikipedia API JSON tree as an example which looks like this:

The traverse function will iterate through each object, but for the sake of this example, scanning through the first object of the Pages object will look like this:


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