2015 Malta Eurovision Song Context - a review

Times of Malta have posted a lighthearted "Idiots' guide to 2015 Malta Eurovision Song Context" article this morning.

Of particular amusement the tongue-in-cheek reference to Lawrence Grey's "never giving up" experience with this song context, and Ludwig's sleek image:

Lawrence Grey - The One That You Love

“I’m never gonna be the one that you love. Is there a way that I can win your heart?”
I love the way our Lawrence never gives up and now he’s even spelling it all out to the audience, in a quite catchy, croony song.
The question is, though, Will the audience get the message?

Trilogy - Chasing A Dream

The trio is made up of Eleanor Spiteri, Roger Tirazona and Ludwig Galea.
Roger and Eleanor and diction don’t go hand in hand: Traaying Harrrd.
I love Ludwig and his sleek, blow-dried, Japanese straightened mane, and the way his vein in the neck pops when he reaches high notes and the way he throws himself, back, then to one side, then to another, then back again, when he’s reaching all the other notes.

Improving your database backup policy

In this brief article I will reflect on a strategy which I normally adopt in an enterprise which requires a solid database backup policy in which frequent regular backups of their data-set is needed.

First and foremost get familiar with a filesystem snapshot technology; whether an enterprise tool such as VMware's Veeam, or something like LVM. Secondly, get familiar with a replication technology of your database system, for example in MySQL we have master-master or master-slave.

The strategy can be explained in these simple terms is:
  1. Stop replication
  2. Stop database service on slave/secondary node
  3. Take a snapshot of the slave/secondary node
  4. Start replication
  5. Repeat steps 1 - 4 every hour
  6. Repeat steps 1 - 4 every day at midnight
  7. Repeat steps 1 - 4 every first day of the month at midnight
  8. Every Sunday at midnight, purge all hourly backups of the previous week
  9. Every first day of the month at midnight, purge all daily backups of the previous month excluding the first day
Now you have a nice catalog of backups which allow you to also do point-in-time recovery by applying binary logs in between backups. Adjust backup retention as necessary.

Did my first 12km run ever!

Or to be precise, my first 12.56km. Before that, I had only ran about 9 more times for the first time in my life, with the first run resulting in me getting knackered after the first 5 minutes!

I started running as soon as I started my MBA programme to help me keep focused and sharp between work and studying activities. Thereafter it became more like "the thing to do" after work.

Goes without saying that I do have a goal: that to be able to do the half marathon which is next February. I am half way through it, consistently improving and pushing myself within reasonable limits. Some stats:

Personal Development assessment

This morning I submitted the Personal Development Stage 1 assessment having worked on it for the last 30 hours. With a mere pen and paper I managed to get intimate with my thoughts - I have used the Henley Star model to define some objectives and how the Henley MBA can reach them. When defining the objectives, I have use the SMART goal approach.

Writing a timeline of my personal development since I was born till now made me reflect how my family and community have shaped the person I am today. When I mapped these life events to the psychosocial 8-stage model (Erikson, 1950), I found out that stage 5 was crucial and some key learning events were brought up thanks to decisions taken during this stage.

I will use this blog as my personal journal to do my best and reflect and succeed in my life.