First workshop at Henley

Our honeymoon period at the Henley business school is approaching to its end. During this first workshop for the module Personal Development we had the opportunity to reflect on ourselves and to identify what has brought us here, to pursue the MBA programme.

I personally found these last couple of days more interesting than I was expecting. Some of my favorite highlights:

1. The tutors are fun, very communicative and we managed to crunch a wealth of information in just a few days!

2. My group intake, the MT09, is a mix of interesting people from Malta, Lebanon, Italy, Libya and Spain. Moreover I was surprised to meet a good number of fellows from different backgrounds and experience - I was personally expecting a bunch of boring accountants ;)

3. The team learning exercises made me reflect on who I really believe I am and helped me shape a bit better my future goals and aspirations. Making dialogues with other peers also made me realize that I share the same issues and concerns with other people and that I share the same goals with others.

4. The course content looks tough, but with that in mind I am pretty sure we can do it - and I am being realistic here. I believe that with a solid time schedule and 12 hours a week to spare for the MBA, we should have a good chance of keeping up a  good pace. And this is like a marathon after all.

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