Malta song for Europe and the art of plagiarizing

If we Maltese are not good for anything, we are so good in plagiarizing music that we fool entire nations. Take a tried and tested song from the past, change the lyrics (unless you're Klinsmann and don't even bother!), and drop the key by a few tonal intervals to adjust the melody to your not well developed vocal range. Take a look at the following clips of the Maltese winners of the past two editions (2012, 2013) alongside with the 'what I think where plagiarized from' and judge by yourselves:

2012 Edition: 

Alexandra Stan - Get Back ASAP (Original): 

Kurt Calleja - This is the night (Maltese winner): 

2013 Edition: 

Train - Soul Sisters (Original): 

Gianluca Bezzina - Tomorrow (Maltese winner): 

And for the simpletons who say that 'they just share the same style'...there are 7 basic notes and 120 pitch sounds in music with an infinite number of intervallic possibilities to choose from.

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