Cooking in Aberdeen

As opposed to my home country, here in Aberdeen I do not have the luxury to ride my motorcycle, play the bass guitar, or indulge myself in other outdoor hobbies (although I am planning a skiing session in the next couple of days)...

...Therefore I started a new hobby - that of cooking. Anyways, due to cold, it's always a good excuse to use the oven! This is a common joke here in the neighbourhood. So the following pictures show some of the stuff I have been cooking for the past weeks.

From top to bottom: Egg fried rice with mushrooms, chocolate walnut whiskey cake (unglazed), the same cake glazed, Irish coffee (made with Scotch whiskey!) and extra-large coconut balls.

Other stuff I have been brewing are vanilla cake, banana crusty cake, pork chops with caramelized onions. Ok now I am getting hungry...

Snowy days in Aberdeen

Well Aberdeen is not all roses, and sometimes you gotta spend whole days at home to shelter from snow and rain... But sometimes I do enjoy taking the occasional small stroll in the snow.

No I am not the grim reaper. But there just happened to be a Christmas Crib in the middle. 

Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven - Aberdeen

Going to Stonehaven to see the Dunnottar Castle was our second cultural visit. (Sorry I did not blog/took pictures of our first cultural visit at the Aberdeen Maritime Museum, although I confess it was a fantastic experience).

It was thanks to our buddy Josef who drove us and joined us in this place, a couple of miles away from the center, towards the shire. I confess I have never seen a castle like this...

As usual, took the first opportunity to try the local beer later on in the day...

Colder days in Aberdeen

Although during the first few days in Aberdeen, the weather was great, the temperature barely touched more than 5 celsius, but I admit that in comparison I did not feel as cold as in Malta due to lower humidity levels. 

On our third week the snow started to appear - a common phenomenon in Scotland - much less in Malta - or should I put it, snow never appeared in Malta (although we commonly overnight frost with 'snow').

Looking at the last two pictures we were surprised in a naive way...I'll explain why in a later post - but let me just say that the snowing in the following days was ten times more intensive!

First few days in Aberdeen

Been in Aberdeen for the last month but I was slacking in keeping up with my blog for technical reasons...So now I will post some chronological posts following this one with my current stay at Aberdeen... I will not blabber a lot... Pictures will talk by themselves.

oh wait ... Just one comment...The first few days here were better than in Malta in terms of weather .