Merge multiple Google Calendars

So yesterday I was complaining that my old Nokia E51 was only able to sync one calendar through the Mail for Exchange tool. This is a biggie for me as I have many other shared calendars which I use. Apparently there is no out of the box solution which would allow us to automatically copy events from one calendar to another and keep them sort of in sync.

The current solution to this quite common problem is to export the calendar as ical and then reimport it to the target calendar.

Step 1 - Export to ical:
- In the google calendar list go to the left hand side and from the pull down menu of the source calendar, click on Calendar Settings
- scroll down->Private Address->right click the ICAL button and save it to your desktop

Step 2- Import to your calendar:
- In the google calendar list go to the left hand side and from the pull down menu of the Other Calendars parent menu, click on Import Calendar. Choose the destination calendar and you're ready.

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