Bye Bye Iphone 3GS, back to Nokia E51

Yesterday's midnight swim was remarkably inaugurated by an accidental iPhone dive which I left in the swimming trunks pocket. Apparently this is a very common fate for these mobile phones.

I had no other option to go back to my old Nokia E51, which thinking about it is a really good phone for work. Did the usual stuff - google sync, whatsapp, etc. Only one thing I was disappointed with - Nokia's "Mail for Exchange", which by the way integrates seamlessly with Google Mail and Google Calendar, supports only one try to work around with that.

Other than that I discovered some features which are quite unique - enable power thresholds for wifi signals being the one which caught my attention.

Anyways, due to its long time in the box, I need a new battery, so I ordered one from flea bay - only after I made sure this could be a suitable phone to work with in at least the next 6 months. My next project is to figure out how to tether it.

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