ZXR750 Streetfighter Project Part 1

I must say I am lucky enough to be the owner of a 1994 ZXR750, deemed to be a future classic superbike. And I am so proud of this bike that I decided to feature it as the banner of my blog. The thing with this motorcycle is that it is a torture machine to ride it for more than 20 minutes in normal streets. This forced me to transform it into a streetfighter....

The ZXR750 in its original form

Removing front fairing

Side fairings removed as well

Stripped of plastics

Triple clamp removed

Drilled triple clamp, re-enforced and painted.

In the next part I will show you the final product...At the moment I am painting remaining plastics and the frame. I am going to replace the front and the rear end of the bike, and mount the new handlebars on the triple clamp.

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