Install make or gcc on osx

At the moment I am playing around with Perl - however to my dismay I just found out that I cannot compile additional Perl modules on my macbook because I don't have make, gcc and none of the developer tools installed.

After some research I found out that I need to install XCode provided by Apple. Now here's the caveat: latest version of XCode (XCode 4 at the time of this article) is only free with Lion and Mountain Lion (the latest OSX versions). I currently run Snow Leopard and didn't find it fair to pay money to get a simple compiler. More research and I found out that XCode3 is still free for Snow Leopard and earlier releases. This is the link to download XCode3. Sign in with your Apple ID and you're set - you will now be officially registered as an Apple Developer. Woohoo.

This is the file you need to download. Notice that it is around 4GB:

Alternatively if you want to save some time and space, you may want to just download the following kit which is around 700MB:

After installation is complete you should be able to use make, gcc and compile whatever Perl module you want!

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