Oracle measure Transactions per Second (TPS)

In a previous post I described how I was tasked to produce a number of KPIs and queried Oracle's AWR to get such data. I was also asked to get the Transactions per Second that our Oracle Cluster produces on a weekly basis - the requirement was to aggregate this information on all the three nodes of the cluster rather then displaying the TPS per cluster. This was accomplished as follows:
WITH hist_snaps
     AS (SELECT instance_number,
                round(begin_interval_time,'MI') datetime,
                  (  begin_interval_time
                   + 0
                   - LAG (
                        begin_interval_time + 0)
                     OVER (PARTITION BY dbid, instance_number
                           ORDER BY snap_id))
                * 86400      -- seconds per day
                   diff_time -- calculate difference in time from 
                             -- previous snapshot
                   FROM dba_hist_snapshot,
     AS (SELECT dbid,
                - LAG (
                  OVER (PARTITION BY dbid,instance_number,stat_name
                        ORDER BY snap_id)
                  delta_value -- difference in value from previous 
                              -- snapshot for each stat_name
           FROM dba_hist_sysstat
          WHERE stat_name IN ('user commits', 'user rollbacks'))
  SELECT datetime,
         ROUND (SUM (delta_value) / 3600, 2) "Transactions/s"
     FROM hist_snaps sn, hist_stats st
   WHERE     st.instance_number = sn.instance_number
         AND st.snap_id = sn.snap_id
         AND diff_time IS NOT NULL
GROUP BY datetime
ORDER BY 1 desc;

You can then graph the values as in this example showing the TPS over a one week trend:

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