Rush concert (Timemachine tour)

Last week I went to London with my friend to see Rush at the O2 arena for their Timemachine tour. It was awesome and look forward to see them again in the future. Our hotel was located in Euston, walking distance from Camden. Since pictures speak louder then words, I leave this blog post with some photos:


nashfahrenheit said...

nice blog you have here, james. thanks for visiting my blog before this :-)

whitstable tom said...

I think I might be spamming ... hmmmmmmm. whatever - nice photos of your tour to England - bit dark, but then you rock guys seem to love the darkness and stuff so maybe that's part of the mood. I stayed near Camden once for a couple of weeks whilst doing work experience on a magazine in Farringdon (a grey place within the walls of 'The City' close to 'Morden' and 'Bank' and all the other centres of scariness)wasn't sure how much i liked it there to be honest, but then again i was broke and staying in a bit of a bedsit-type place, so it's understandable that i wasn't that happy with it. Anyway - back to my spamming:) here we go : malta - hope you leave it in there :) I live in Malta now and I'm helping with a website. It's going to rock. Looks like you're a musician - we'll be making cool free profiles for musicians, I'll come and nudge you to see if you want one when it's done :) bye for now sir.

Journaling the Journey said...

hey guys thanks for your kind comments.

@whitstable_tom: yep my iphone camera sucks a bit! and it's a pity cos the concert was great :D

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