Risis - upcoming Maltese rock band

While being immersed in a busy life, I almost forgot to blog about one of the most important elements to which I dedicate my life - my rock band, Risis. Instead of ranting about it, I will just copy/paste the biography which I had drafted a couple of weeks ago:

Risis are a Maltese rock band formed in 2008. The band was born from a myriad of different names and line-ups, however it all started with drummer Chris Galea who met ex-guitarist of So Chronic and ex Stone Joker, Stefan Farrugia. They auditioned for a number of bassists until they met James Attard whom they knew through his former band White Crimson. Together they covered powerful bands like Muse, Skunk Anansie and Rage Against the Machine until they decided to start working on original material. While looking for a singer, James stumbled across Jodi's profile on Facebook. After a successful audition, Jodi joined Risis and provided the strong voice they were looking for.

The name 'Risis' derives from their former "identity cRisis" syndrome where they used to change their band name before every gig.

All the four members show amazing technical and musical skills, with their songs being personal and powerful as can be felt in their live performances. Risis are currently producing their first single with renowned producer Niki Gravino.

Being a bassist and the appointed PR, as my band mates dubbed, is a juggle between my other elements in life! Yet I cannot complain as it is a very rewarding venture. More info on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/RisisMusic.

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