I found a way how to dine at great Maltese restaurants at 50% discounts!

I think you might find this personal rant a bit interesting...So read on!

I like eating a lot...and so does my fiancee`. And we like to choose those nice romantic expensive restaurants...So every week we end up forking tens of euros to satisfy our palate at these restaurants! And keeping up this 'vice' together with the ever increasing cost of living was becoming a bit difficult.

That's until I discovered the now famous Gusto card (www.gusto.com.mt) which allowed both me and a guest to get a 50% discount on every restaurant which is listed on their website...and they got literally more than 100! I think I discovered it a bit late cos it has been existent for a while, but I am sure most of you have never heard of it..

If you haven't already purchased the Gusto card, do so now! But wait...one last important thing...I can share with you a special promo code which you can use while you enter your details at the Gusto site, to get a EUR 5 discount on your card! Yep that's right..more discount :p

The promo code is: 1866

Just enter that code when you purchase the card from www.gusto.com.mt.

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Petramay said...

So glad we got this!! :)