How I gained 35 pounds in 1 year...

I know the title looks a bit cheesy, reminiscent of some spammy weight gainer/weight loss/viagra product marketing article...But I am not going to promote any products in this article - just some health and fitness tips from a newbie person who used to be a skinny, rockstar hippy to a 'normal' built individual who enjoys a healthier lifestyle...

So about 12 months ago, I looked like this:

Weighing a mere 125 pounds with no particular healthy lifestyle other than the occasional soccer match with work colleagues. No matter how hard I tried gaining weight by eating bigger portions or trying the occasional weight training, I always failed miserably, ending giving up to all sorts of training.

However one fine day I stumbled across an interesting article which revealed the secret to gain weight for us people who find it extremely hard to gain a pound or two!! The secret lies within these three paradigms:


Eating well: Eating like a pig..eating for pleasure..and most of all, think nothing other than eating! In scientific terms, you need to eat 20g of protein every 3 hours for 4 times (i.e. in a span of 12 hours you need to consume around 80g of protein everyday).

Sleeping well: Don't sleep less than 8 hours a day!

Training well: Go to a gym and lift the heaviest weights you can to increase muscle weight. Don't do any cardio and don't lift light weights - just raw heavy weights till you feel your body breaking.

By following these 'laws' I managed to gain 35 pounds in about one year. Apart from that I feel much much stronger and I am taking weight training as a hobby which allows me to vent off much of the stress I accumulate during the day. Check out some pics I recently took and see the difference. Of course this is just the beginning and by no way feel like a bodybuilder - however it is just enough for me to keep myself motivated in this quest. 

Most importantly I hope that these little words motivate young people who shared my same experience!

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