Find the number of backlinks to any website

Every SEO expert can tell you that one of the most important factors in the ranking of a website is the number of backlinks it has. But the exact process to determine the number of backlinks seems to slip within the cracks. How exactly can you find the number of backlinks of any website/webpage, such as for example that of your competitor?

Although many would argue that the method described here would not be as accurate as method 'xyz', it is currently by far the most reliable method to find backlinks not only in the website you control but also every other website.

The process is simple - using google, you need to enter the following search query:

"website_name" -site:website_name

So for example to determine the number of backlinks of, you would enter the following query:

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Download Youtube and Flash videos in Safari (OSX)

If you use Safari Internet browser on your OSX box, you can easily and freely download flash videos such as Youtube. Not only that, but you can also use Safari as an HTTP analyzer to help you debug HTTP problems.

Once you are inside the page serving the flash video, press 'Command-Option-A' to enter the Activity Resource. In this window you can see all the downloaded files when you accessed a given page, including downloaded flash videos stored in your browser's cache:

In the above session we have located the file matching the flash video by looking at its size (6.6MB) - in addition to that you can notice that this video stream was still downloading at the time of the screenshot! The file can be downloaded by double clicking the entry.

You can also notice all the other files which constitute the youtube page we were accessing. This is very useful to debug, hack or analyze HTTP traffic.

GTD: Getting Things Done with Gmail!

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a method of organising tasks in a stress-free way while boosting the productivity at the same time. There are a lot of commercial software which can be used to adopt this method but one can use Gmail for free! After adopting the GTD approach through Gmail, my productivity increased dramatically!

While explaining the GTD methodology is not within the scope of this article, for starters, this model looks at tasks in a different way than the traditional time management philosophy. GTD is based on making it easy to store, track and retrieve all information related to the things that need to be done, hence the name.

In GTD, each new task has to be immediately categorised as follows:

Action - execute task today
Waiting - awaiting a status from someone before continuing
Deferred - execute task some other day
This model can be easily transported to Gmail by making use of labels:

Each email in the inbox can be considered as a task, and as in GTD, immediately labelled as per above and archived. You can also create a new task by sending an email to yourself:

You will eventually end up with a set of categorised tasks in GTD format as follows:

When you complete the task you can either delete the email or remove the corresponding label. At the end you have nothing but an empty inbox and a set of GTD labelled archived emails representing tasks. You might ask what can we do with emails which are not tasks, such as for example chain emails, jokes, videos or other amusements? Well, we suggest you to read them and archive them, or else give them another label (ex. *others) and check them out later.

But remember that you must make sure to archive ALL emails so that the inbox looks nice and empty at any point in time!

Home doorway pullup bar

I recently invested in a doorway pullup bar which costed me EUR9 from Lidl. Quite a bargain. At the moment I am doing 5 pullups in a row - my target - 10 pullups in a row by end of February!

Tom Sawyer - Rush Bass cover

This is the first of a series of Rush songs which I'll be covering as a warmup before I go see them live next May 2011 :)

Apologies for all the mistakes but it has been a long time since my last bass cover on youtube so got all eggs-ited.

How I gained 35 pounds in 1 year...

I know the title looks a bit cheesy, reminiscent of some spammy weight gainer/weight loss/viagra product marketing article...But I am not going to promote any products in this article - just some health and fitness tips from a newbie person who used to be a skinny, rockstar hippy to a 'normal' built individual who enjoys a healthier lifestyle...

So about 12 months ago, I looked like this:

Weighing a mere 125 pounds with no particular healthy lifestyle other than the occasional soccer match with work colleagues. No matter how hard I tried gaining weight by eating bigger portions or trying the occasional weight training, I always failed miserably, ending giving up to all sorts of training.

However one fine day I stumbled across an interesting article which revealed the secret to gain weight for us people who find it extremely hard to gain a pound or two!! The secret lies within these three paradigms:


Eating well: Eating like a pig..eating for pleasure..and most of all, think nothing other than eating! In scientific terms, you need to eat 20g of protein every 3 hours for 4 times (i.e. in a span of 12 hours you need to consume around 80g of protein everyday).

Sleeping well: Don't sleep less than 8 hours a day!

Training well: Go to a gym and lift the heaviest weights you can to increase muscle weight. Don't do any cardio and don't lift light weights - just raw heavy weights till you feel your body breaking.

By following these 'laws' I managed to gain 35 pounds in about one year. Apart from that I feel much much stronger and I am taking weight training as a hobby which allows me to vent off much of the stress I accumulate during the day. Check out some pics I recently took and see the difference. Of course this is just the beginning and by no way feel like a bodybuilder - however it is just enough for me to keep myself motivated in this quest. 

Most importantly I hope that these little words motivate young people who shared my same experience!

What do I remember of last year?

If I had to look back at last year and think for a moment, these are probably the things I remember (in no particular order):

  • Got engaged with Petramay
  • Started the wedding plans
  • Bought a terraced house
  • Left my old workplace
  • Started a new job
  • Working with shifts for the first time
  • Went for a cruise for the first time
  • Made new friends
  • Left old friends
  • Named the band to UNDER3KINGDOMS
  • Founded and Costansin 
  • Became the motorcycle club's (Raw Bikers) secretary
  • Managed to successfully gain 15kg
  • Started weight training