Using Gimp to make a rounded corner image

One of the most popular and frequently used techniques in image editing, is the use of rounded corners. Rounded corner banners or menus look more sleek than squarish ones. Here we describe a step by step easy way to achieve this in Gimp.

Following this guide will help you achieve a rounded corner image like this one:

So start by loading the image in gimp and add an alpha layer as shown below:

This will add a transparency layer to the image. Next we need to make a rounded rectangular selection of the image. This is similar to the conventional rectangular selection, only that with this one, it is rounded!

You will be prompted to enter the radius. This controls how big is the rounded edge...For this example you can set the radius to 11.

Now we are going to invert the selection, so we are going to actually select the edges:

Final step is to chop this selection (i.e. the edges) by choosing 'Edit..Cut' or by just pressing the Delete key on your keyboard:

Good! You ended up with a nice rounded corner image. Remember that you can adapt this technique to other image editing software programs such as CSS.

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