Understanding reddit categories and subreddits

Reddit is a social news website and is used to share news or any other interesting Internet content - reddit users can post a link and then categorize it into a subreddit. This confuses most new users as a subreddit is not a normal tag but a specific category within reddit. Here I will explain where you can find a list of the most popular subreddits and how they can be used.

When a user tries to submit a link on reddit, he will be asked to enter a category (called a subreddit) relevant to the link content:

The default category is reddit.com. You can get a list of the most popular subreddits from here. You can also organise your favorite subreddits by clicking on the Edit Subscriptions in the My Reddits menu as follows:

You can add and delete entries by clicking on the left hand side +/- frontpage links. For example if you want to select only IT related subreddits:
My favorite subreddits are the following:

  • osx
  • linux
  • database
  • security
  • seo

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