My Last "RAW" ride for 2010

Last night I enjoyed riding with my club, Raw Bikers, and I have probably enjoyed it even more due to the fact that it was the last club ride of the year. The weather was clear but quite chilly, with temperatures even reaching 9°c.

We took advantage of the clear streets which was quite strange that there was no particular traffic in the road at this time of the year. We headed towards Coast Road and Mellieha while stopping at interims for a snack.

For the first time I had managed to hit the 180kmph mark on my Honda CBF500 on a particular stretch of the road - eventually I rejoiced my trust and love again with this bike.

Unfortunately as I was reading the newspapers this morning, I found out that a fellow motorcyclist was injured in Coast Road at about 6am this morning. Wishing him a speedy recovery.

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Anonymous said...

nice bike, but don't drink and drive at those speeds.