GPS coordinates and Google Maps

Many times we require to extract the GPS coordinates from a Google Map location. Similarly we might need to pinpoint an exact location in Google Map with knowledge of GPS coordinates obtained from a GPS device. This articles demonstrates how you can use GPS coordinates with Google Maps.

Suppose you are using your favorite GPS device and have located an interesting place to share with your friends. Once ytou record the GPS coordinates with your GPS device, you can easily share the location with your friends by mapping the GPS coordinates on Google Maps. Just go to the following URL:,LONGITUDE

, substituting the LATITUDE and LONGITUDE above with the ones you obtain from the GPS device. For example I am currently writing this article from coordinates  (35.892944,14.460829), and you can easily find this location on Google Maps by visiting,14.460829:

If on the other hand you are given a location on Google Maps and you want to record it on your GPS device, you need to extract the GPS coordinates from Google Maps. This is a very easy thing to do and all you need is to type the following javascript code in the address bar of your browser while you are still on the Google Map page:


So for example, if you were to extract the GPS coordinates from the previous example, load the Google Map and enter the javascript code:

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