Pea - RHCP (Vocal + Bass Cover)

I am singing and playing this fantastic cover which was made by Flea of the RHCP (find original video here - ). Please forgive my voice as I am just recovering from a throat infection, however I tried to imitate also the voice of Flea here. Unfortunately the audio is not in sync with the video :/

I dedicate this song to all the 'little' PEAple i know ;) If you know any friends of mine which should be tagged here, please tag them ;) Power to the PEAple!

Here are the lyrics:

Im a little pea
I love the sky the trees
Im a teeny tiny little ant
Checking out this and that
I am nothing
So you have nothing to hide
And Im a pacifist
So I can fuck your shit up
Oh yeah Im small

Fuck you asshole
You homophobic redneck dick
Youre big and tough and macho
You can kick my ass
So fucking what

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