The New World

In an attempt to escape much of the stressful life I'm currently undergoing, I was invited to be part of The New World. This virtual place on the cyberspace is really addictive. I joined on day 183 of the creation of this world in attempt to make a better society. I started working at a new company and already joined a political party. In a few moment I will also be involved in military. My current aim is to get influence on the society and perhaps gain much citizens to have power over other countries. Ask me for more details...

Rebel Riders Charity Ride

Tomorrow is a great event for us riders, and also for my band, White Crimson. Rebel Riders Brotherhood are organizing their 13th annual charity ride which gathers hundreds of bikers from around Malta and Gozo (and perhaps even from outside Malta) where we cruise around the whole island. The afterparty will be at 2.30pm at Coconut Grove where White Crimson will be playing. Invitation is open to all public!