My first week on the job

Working for a bank is a very nice experience and I am actually a bit surprised that I immediately felt part of the team. My responsibilities in the job are very high, as I expected, and you may probably find me a more mature individual as time goes by :)

My first thoughts after my first five days working on this new job, are that I am a very lucky individual working with great people, all willing to help me adapt as quickly as possible, and also about the fact that I am exposed to some great technology like SAN, NAS, DAS, Oracle, MS SQL replication, and the core banking system. Although my working hours have increased, depriving me from the indepedence I used to enjoy in my other job, I will soon adapt and still find time for myself.

And now I am counting the days to put my hands on one of the biggest tasks I have been assigned - replicate the live bank database to another site :) Ok that sounded really geeky..actually I am counting the hours to have some SERIOUS fun this weekend ^_^

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