Another late post from work

Trying to kill some time waiting for my last tablespace to recover after the database got some corrupt luck! Anyways, this proves again why a DBA is important in a company :P Looking forward to finish this, drive back home on my motorcycle, have a nice hot shower and play my bass guitar till I fall asleep. Missed rehearsal another time...I think I have to get used to it now!

2 + 2 = 5

Today I sat for a brief course entitled 'Basic Skills in Management and Leadership' and something which struck me was the infamous 2 + 2 = 5 which basically means that a good team of 4 people can deliver results as much (or maybe more) as 5 people working individually. Since at the moment I have a supervisory role in the company, I have to seriously keep in mind and make myself remember everyday the importance of team work and make my team feel motivated.

I have also concluded that communication skills are one of the most important things in life - whether at work or in the general society. I will try to take advantage of every opportunity to practice my communication skills so that when important occasions arise, I will have the gift, the style, the sharpness, the clarity, and the emotions to affect other people.

Did you forget your local postcode?

If you are like me, who hasn't sent a snail-mail for ages, you have probably forgot the current Maltese post code (which I believe was changed early last year). By pure luck I have discovered this site which is the official Maltapost post code enquiry service.

She says hello to you!

I just wanted to find an excuse to introduce you again to my new brunette. She's the sweetest girl I've ever held in my hands. When she speaks she's really sweet. When I want to play with her, she doesn't say no. And when I am tired of her, and put her back, she doesn't complain. She's British and comes from a village where they call her Status Energy because she's indeed full of energy. Well...she just wanted to sing this sweet song for you :]

W810i Flash Menus

Inspired by the guy in this video, this morning I decided to flash the menus on my SE W810i phone and customize a unique theme. Steps are very simple. First you need to install a software called XS++ to be able to access the phone's firmware, then get .swf flash menu files and finally upload them in the phone using XS++ (in FXS mode) - the trick part is knowing in which folder you need to upload them (/tpa/preset/system/desktop/flash). Finally you need to modify the themes (which are basically POSIX tar files) to use the desired flash menu. Simple as that, really!


A new word has been defined for the fellows like me who posts vids on youtube playing a musical instrument - LRRG. What is a Living Room Rock God (LRRG)? Anyone who takes their rockin' seriously, but does so at home. There are thousands of us all over the world, and the best place to watch a collection of LRRG specimens is on youtube. Now there is an LRRG website: and a message board where the youtube LRRGs hang out

Aqtaghha! Dejjaqtna Tistona!!!

My first week on the job

Working for a bank is a very nice experience and I am actually a bit surprised that I immediately felt part of the team. My responsibilities in the job are very high, as I expected, and you may probably find me a more mature individual as time goes by :)

My first thoughts after my first five days working on this new job, are that I am a very lucky individual working with great people, all willing to help me adapt as quickly as possible, and also about the fact that I am exposed to some great technology like SAN, NAS, DAS, Oracle, MS SQL replication, and the core banking system. Although my working hours have increased, depriving me from the indepedence I used to enjoy in my other job, I will soon adapt and still find time for myself.

And now I am counting the days to put my hands on one of the biggest tasks I have been assigned - replicate the live bank database to another site :) Ok that sounded really geeky..actually I am counting the hours to have some SERIOUS fun this weekend ^_^

Say hello to my Status

The christmas present I gave to myself arrived a bit late due to some delay in the music shop. But here she is - this girl is sixteen years old - it was manufactured in 1992 in UK by Rob Green in persona. Her name is Status Energy and it has 24 frets, a status graphite neck, two single coil hyper active pickups and is very light. I am a very proud father.

Sony Ericsson W810i with Linux

I just got a new mobile phone, after I sweared that I will never touch a PDA phone again as their screens will eventually screw up. I got a Sony Ericsson W810i for just EUR 125 - it was a catch! This mobile phone is termed as the 'Walkman' phone - it makes playing music easier with respect to other phones and the battery life is simply amazing.

To my surprise it was very easy to connect it to my Linux box and transfer files. I just connected the W810i to my PC through a USB cable and my operating system will just see it as a mass USB storage device :) In my case, using Debian GNU/Linux, the phone memory can be accessed through /dev/sda1 and the memory stick pro duo is accessed through /dev/sdb1.

Engineering this year's resolution

It's a known fact according to the NY Times that four out of five people who make New Year resolutions will eventually break them. Last year's resolution was to keep my hair long and I managed to do that, although I had to cut it shorter again last week due to my new job at a local bank.

But this served me a lesson that if I come up with a good resolution, I might keep up with it. So after some thinking, I devised this year's resolution - *drum rolls* - to keep fit, workout at the gym on a regular basis and eventually build muscle weight. I am quite sure that if I keep this resolution, by the end of the year I might see a very evident improvement in my body. By next week, once I settle at the new job in terms of time, etc, I will write a time table and stick with that.