Bye Bye '07 may you never return

In around 12 hrs time I say bye bye to this year. It was a year full of cold and striking emotions - broken relationships, untamed promises and uncharted feelings. But it was also a year where I experienced new things, made new friends, and I'm also getting a new job. All in all, there were too much things to handle for one single year. I am really looking forward for my next challenge, '08. Not all that begins bad ends bad after all!

Having said all this, I wish all my new friends a very happy new year, full of peace and luck.

SMS prices in Malta

If one views Vodafone and Go Mobile's websites, one finds that after January 1, 2008 SMS messages will be charged at €0.05. These are currently charged at 2c.

If Lm1 is equivalent to €2.33, then it stands that 50 SMS should also cost €2.33. Yet, one finds that as from January 1, these will cost €2.50. This is an increase in price of seven per cent just because of the euro changeover. With about 40 million SMS being sent on a monthly basis, this adds up to an extra €1.6 million in revenue to the two mobile providers.

Is this FAIR?

Bass Lesson: Playing the G Major scale across whole neck

In this lesson I will describe how to play the G major scale across the whole neck of a bass guitar. This is useful for improvisational skills and more - you will find out yourself. The trick is to begin with the G Ionian ascending, then A Dorian descending, B Phrygian ascending, D Mixolydian descending, E Aeolian ascending, G Ionian descending, and finally A Dorian ascending...

I hope you enjoyed it. I did, although i had a cold!!

Dodge Ball

I spent the bunch of Republic Day playing at my first Dodge Ball tournament. It was really fun, and I never played and laughed so hard at the same time. Then I spent the evening at Ta' Qali MFCC to watch Zoo goes Fairyland, a very hilarious comedy show by Zoo. These two events signed the beginning of my 14 day leave off from work (i.e. till 4th of January). I know you're jealous, ain't you? :)

How not to get bored on a Friday evening

This is a quasi-perfect recipe:

1) Bike ride with fellow bikers - done...
Tonio of Paqpaq organized a bike ride where we exposed our bikes in Republic Street, was quite fun indeed! (ok i know the pics suck)

2) Play some naaaasty groove and feel the music - done...

It would have been super if I spent the rest of the night drinking beer with friends and fooling around till late...but it's damn cold outside and I admit I preferred the warmth of home this time...