Ouch my mouth!! Let's play with Facebook

After a year contemplating whether to do it or not, I finally got my wisdom tooth surgically removed. It really hurts and I can feel every stitch in my gum getting tighter with every gulp I make. I am quite sure that I will lose a couple of kilos as I can barely open my mouth to eat. Oh well, the positive thing about this is that I've finally stayed quitely in front of my computer and completed my first Facebook application - Toni Sant's Muzika Mod Iehor Online Poll for 2007. If you are a Facebook user, you can participate by simply clicking here.

In the meantime stay tuned with the sister site of this blog, madvip.net, for I will very soon mention how I developed my application on Facebook's platform.

The food fight

Actually I was contemplating whether to title this post The Food Fight or The Bachelor's party of my best friend because I don't know which was more important :P Haha joking. So basically yesterday I was at the bachelor's party of my best friend, Keith. I honestly wish him the best of luck with his future wife; I'm sure they are one of the best couples around.

This party was a bit particular and makes it difficult to forget - first of all I have seen all of my old friends, and secondly we met at this knight-era styled place in Sliema were we were served chicken and lamb to eat with no forks or knives, and there were loads of wine and beer. After an hour of eating and drinking, the owner rang the bell to start a food fight - and this was a chaotic moment. We threw all the leftovers to each other in the form of a projectile (excluding the big bones of course - we didn't want to have any casualties lol). Needless to say, in a few moments there was a complete mess - I was prepared and went to this place with the worst clothes I could find. Everyone had his personal target, although the purpose of this was originally to assault the bachelor. At the end, after a quarter of an hour, the bell rang again and we had to stop. I had nearly lost my ring during the fight, and luckily it was found later on. My friend nearly risked his life as he too lost his ring, but his was the wedding ring. Like mine, it was find later on as well.

As we left we had a particular smell on us - Eau de Poulet - the latest fragrance.

I know you are probably scrolling down to see any photos of the event. I will post them as soon as I get them.

EU starts NicoMarket

I happened to stumble a curious website, NicoMarket.com, which at first I thought was a weird joke. Then I realized it was a reverse psychology campaign against tobacco. This campaign is initiated by EU - I found that out when I continued to play their 'joke' and tried to buy the Nico-Breeze :)

Wicked eh? :)

MADVIP.NET is now online

It is official - my new content management system hosted on my personal Linux server, can be accessed through madvip.net. Here you will find all of my techie stuff - infact the old r00tb0x will be also migrated to madvip.net. If you are a geek I suggest you to check it out.

PS: Why madvip.net? Madvip used to be my handle, way back when (i'm talking about 12 years ago). There are still some cyberfreaks who remember me by that name. It is nice to commemorate my old school hacking era by hosting such a system under this name :]

Major Scale Deluxe

After several weeks contemplating and scratching my head how the hell those monster bass players manage to play a simple major scale all over the whole neck and make it sound so wicked, I finally managed to work it out. The trick is to basically split the major scale in 5 forms (modes) - ionian, dorian, phrygian, mixolydian, aeolian. I am compiling a doc found here. Check it out. Notice that the order of the modes is always the same. So if I begin on a mixolydian, the next form will always be an aeolian. If I begin on an ionian, the next form will always be a dorian. For any given key, you need to find which is the lowest form and start with it. Example, for the C major scale, the lowest form is G mixolydian.

I will soon post a video of me playing these scales in ascending and descending orders through the entire neck. Needless to say, this is a key exercise for improvisation skills.