"Riders on the fog"

Yesterday night, on my way to St.Julians, I found myself suddenly closed in by a bank of fog - a rare phenomenon in Malta, especially considering that it covered approximately the whole island. What appeared to be a little bit of a scary moment, for several reasons, eventually turned into a very interesting and unique experience on two wheels. Needless to say, I was careful about it - not seeing 5 seconds ahead of me is no joke. Driving slowly (to avoid skidding) and tailgating behind the cars (to be easily spotted by other drivers), did the trick. I admit that this experience has boosted my self confidence in biking in non-optimal weather!

* * * * *

Anyways, from the last time I spoke about my riding experiences, I have improved my riding stance. Some points one may need to consider if he rides a cruiser bike:

* Never lock the elbows (this can be achieved by relaxing the shoulders and keeping them low) - after all, ideally the bike is kept in balance with your body weight and not with your arms
* Use a centred riding stance - this will most probably put your knees automatically in a correct position
* Lean with the bike - if you turn left, shift the body to the left, and vice-versa
* Tuck your knees firmly against the fuel tank
* The arms should be parallel to the ground
* Lean your back a little bit to the front as if you're gonna take a sports bike stance - in reality what you are doing is straightening the back - you get the sensation of leaning forward because of the bike's layback seat :)

I will try to take a photo of my riding stance. I'm quite sure this will help a lot of beginners.

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