Need some sleep

Seriously, this week is being so intense with me, so far, that I am barely sleeping. This morning I just arrived from Italy after being at one of my clients in Rome to provide them with some consultancy service. Due to the bad weather and Rome's airport inefficiency the flight was delayed by 3 hours. Waiting that amount of time crunched in an aeroplane is no joke and I seriously need a nice massage :) Thinking about it, today is halloween, and considering that this morning I looked like a zombie in front of the mirror, I might as well fit in the event.

In a few minutes I will get back to my office and after that, I am looking forward to meet a fellow musician to jam with. In the meantime I am trying to find some time to study for my new certification, learn new songs, commit myself to the gym programme, and many other stuff.

Dirty Drowning Man - Bass Lesson

My Motorcycle Diary - Chapter 2 (28/10/07)

My second motorcycle vlog. Time: 00:30, and I am heading to St. Julians to have some beer with friends and basically getting wasted (taking advantage that we have to move 1hr back). I rant about my week, how injust are competitions, unsupportive team-mates, and work tasks cropping up at bad times! The consolation is that it is weekend and we can get wasted no matter what.

"Riders on the fog"

Yesterday night, on my way to St.Julians, I found myself suddenly closed in by a bank of fog - a rare phenomenon in Malta, especially considering that it covered approximately the whole island. What appeared to be a little bit of a scary moment, for several reasons, eventually turned into a very interesting and unique experience on two wheels. Needless to say, I was careful about it - not seeing 5 seconds ahead of me is no joke. Driving slowly (to avoid skidding) and tailgating behind the cars (to be easily spotted by other drivers), did the trick. I admit that this experience has boosted my self confidence in biking in non-optimal weather!

* * * * *

Anyways, from the last time I spoke about my riding experiences, I have improved my riding stance. Some points one may need to consider if he rides a cruiser bike:

* Never lock the elbows (this can be achieved by relaxing the shoulders and keeping them low) - after all, ideally the bike is kept in balance with your body weight and not with your arms
* Use a centred riding stance - this will most probably put your knees automatically in a correct position
* Lean with the bike - if you turn left, shift the body to the left, and vice-versa
* Tuck your knees firmly against the fuel tank
* The arms should be parallel to the ground
* Lean your back a little bit to the front as if you're gonna take a sports bike stance - in reality what you are doing is straightening the back - you get the sensation of leaning forward because of the bike's layback seat :)

I will try to take a photo of my riding stance. I'm quite sure this will help a lot of beginners.

Fight like a brave

Is it just me or are we living in a society dominated by spineless individuals who are afraid to express their own opinion - cowards who regardless what they have been through, still want to forget and live as if nothing happened?

People who are afraid to voice their opinion, do not deserve to be rewarded with 'free speech' (remember Metallica's good old lyrics 'Free Speech For the Dumb' ?). Not only they won't be grateful towards you for taking their defence, but most probably, they will stand against you because now you made their opposition know that he's not gonna take it anymore. The spineless prefers to succumb and to go with the current, and you brave people need to just fight for *your* right. Ergo, not to fight for the benefit of individuals or communities, but purely for your own.

Bass Guitar Modes 1

I have just compiled a document which serves as an exercise for us bass players to play the modes on the entire neck of the bass guitar. It is available on google docs. Hopefully I will try to find the time and compile a similar document for five string bass guitars.

Got the LPI level 1 certification

Yesterday I did two exams to obtain the Linux Professional Institute certification, level 1. I got 81% and I'm quite happy about it. My advice for those who would like to take this exam, is to *use* Linux, and not just study for the exam...Good luck for other LPI takers!

Servi della Gleba

This is one of my favorite songs by 'Elio e Le Storie Tese'...Guess what Elio is talking about :)