Say hello to my new Squire

I have put this video on YouTube for two reasons - first of all to test the audio recording with this new bass, a Squire Deluxe Jazz V. The other reason for this video is for those fellow bassists who may have seen a Squire in a local music store and are pondering whether to buy it or not, just because it's a "squire"...Put off what have you heard aout Squires for a while and test them yourselves. When I managed to go across this brand name stumble block , I grabbed a very nice one, yours truly showed in the video, and tested it for around 45 mins. The action is very low and the ebonol fretboard not only looks cool, but sounds good and plays fast. Although the basswood body may not be the most expensive wood out there, it is very nice - mine was coated with an eye catching sunburst finish.

PS: yes i am again with a bare belly, a shorty shorts and didn't shave the

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