My rig - revisited

Many months have passed since I talked about my musical equipment. At the moment I only have three guitars - 2 basses (the Musicman Stingray which I use in my live performances, and an old custom p-bass which I use for rehearsals), and a guitar (a Fender Mustang strat, which I'm still learning how to play). Regards amplification, I had acquired a new one a few months ago - a 300W Ashdown combo. I have also used various strings for my bass guitar - at the moment I'm using Ernieball Regular Slinkies which suite my style at the moment. The more I play them, the better they get.

Let me talk about my overall bass rig, and how I am connecting everything. The bass is connected to the SansAmp BDDI preamp. I found that in this way the output level of the bass guitar matches perfectly without losing any signal strength. The output from the preamp goes to the input of the Boss GT6B and finally I take the mono signal to the Return input of the amplifier.

The preamp is set as follows, with a little bit of drive to simulate tube amplification:

Regarding the Boss GT6B, which I spoke about in some earlier posts, I have removed the compression which I used to use. I found that with this setup, the signal is already compressed, and further compression just diminished the overall punch. So I basically use the Boss GT6B to put some chorus, wah, flanger, octaver, distortion, volume control, etc. I am always keeping the Chorus active - puts some nice effect especially on the higher strings.

As much as possible, I try to control all the EQ from the bass guitar - At the moment I'm happy with maximum treble, flat midrange and bass. I am not losing punch and yet I have that nice zincy presence on the higher strings.

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