This morning we had some fun at work by creating Simpson characters of each of us. This is the Simpson version of myself according to a workmate hehe...

...And these are some of my fellow colleagues (laus, joey joey and sammut):

Bed Jumping

A few weeks ago I made my first bed jump in a local hotel and took a photograph of it. Lo and behold the photo was featured on The exact link to my spot can be found
here. Take a look at other photographs and discover what this phenomenon is all about :)

Smile when you smoke

Look at it this way...Even the health department says it all - Smoking "Seriously", will harm you. Stop taking life seriously and smile when you smoke lol

My Motorcycle Diary - Prologue (18/8/07)

Taking you to my motorcycle vlogging, I setup a camera to take videos of some of my motorcycle rides. I masked the voice with a Judas Priest soundtrack after I realized I was blabbering stupid things :) But this video serves me as a prologue to this motorcycle diary. Enjoy!


It was a Saturday as it should be. Relaxed, got things done, encountered with the strange event of the day, took a beer with my friend, went for a ride. What is reserved for me for this night? Unlike the majority of the Maltese, I'm not going for the Gigi D'Alessio concert tonight, so I will probably drop by some nightclub having a beer with a couple of strangers.

You would ask, "What about that strange event you mentioned?". Have you ever been mistakenly called by some hottie (whom you have NO IDEA who she is) thinking you are someone else, more specifically, thinking you're that guy she fucked last week? Well that happened to me this morning. PRICELESS! lol

My new Kodak V570

I have finally got the V570 ultrawide angle digital camera. This is my first video clip that I took with it and I am trying to show how I managed to connect it to my Linux box. First you need to download 'gphoto2' and then stick the camera to the docking station, press the Easyshare button, and voila. Fire up 'gphoto2' without arguments to get a list of options as seen in this clip. To download all the files from the camera use the '-P' argument. Next stage is trying to fit this camera inside my helmet to begin vlogging motorcycle trips. So far I had no luck...I think I have to get a bigger helmet.

Puttana la maestra!

How much I like this video! Makes me laugh everytime I see it...

...because it reminds me of someone I know in the blogosphere!

Only a pipe distinguishes man from beast

Today I went to a tobaccoist in Valletta and bought my first pipe (an olive wood Maltese pipe) together with a pouch of black cavendish vanilla flavoured tobacco. I was contemplating to buy a pipe for the past two years, and finally my mate gave me a sense of courage by illustrating me how to enjoy smoking the pipe. I will now have a cold shower, go by the seaside with the bike and smoke my first pipe (I know it won't be pleasant for the first couple of weeks or more as a new pipe needs to 'break in')...Next time I will also bring my friend Jack with me to balance the taste...

PS: Before making any false ideas, the picture just shows me posing by the Sherlock Holmes museum in London!

Maltese band on Virgin Radio??

As most of us who work in an office do in the early morning, I turn on the online virgin classic rock radio while doing the usual routine and check my servers. At one point in time as I was hearing the first 20 seconds of the song I was like falling off my chair...There you go I said - finally a Maltese band managed to make it to Virgin radio! But wait...It was Aerosmith playing 'Living on the Edge'...For a while I thought Stoned Joker's new single, 'Alone', which has a lot of similarities in Aerosmith's big hit melody, made it abroad. Apparently I wasn't fooled alone - I heard similar opinions afterwards. Both great songs though!

Surprisingly no beer belly

After a week and a half intoxicating myself with beer, I spent yesterday evening at home taking a big break and a decent sleep to recover back all my energies. When I woke up this morning I noticed I had no beer belly. I think i know whom to blame - my new friend, aka the Whitehead Murderer hehe...

I will use Google

Not my creation, and I don't know who is the artist. Very handy when discussing in forums :)