Back from the mental asylum

For the past weeks I had been thriving to get back to my feet again after a negative emotional blowup with the opposite sex. Well, today, I achieved the peace of mind, just about three days before my gig at the Farson's Beer Festival. Speaking about this gig, everything seems to fall apart - with our drummer recovering from chicken pox and the singer from a nasty cold, we are doing the impossible to prepare for Friday's concert (more info on in Ta'Qali.

But me, being a possible reincarnation of a Buddhist monk, tries to see the positive out of this shitstorm of bad karma which lately seems to be inundating my miserable life. From a geek perspective, I am doing great results - recently, me, together with my hacker friends managed to implement IP over DNS so we can have free WiFi access everywhere. Also, I am finding some more spare time to study for the LPI and OCA certifications. On non-geek annotations, my Sicilian buddy, Renè, got a motorcycle similar to mine so we can go biking together during the weekends. In the evenings I am also finding some time everyday to practice meditation, bass guitar excercises, twenty pushups, and hopefully from next week I'll also find some time for a little swim after work.

On enjoyable terms, I'm really looking forward to the beer fest - getting mandra with beer for an entire week is very appealing in my current agenda. It's in these periods of your life where you appreciate the importance of friends :)

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