Stepping stone for White Crimson

Last Friday we had our first big local gig at the Farson's beer fest. With a warm crowd of more than five hundred people, and very positive feedback after the show, I really think that this was a major stepping stone for the band. Our five original songs, especially our newest one, Road to Love, together with our interpretation of legendary songs like Let there be Rock and Nightrain were much liked, not only by our friends who continuously follow our gigs, but also by other general people.

Back from the mental asylum

For the past weeks I had been thriving to get back to my feet again after a negative emotional blowup with the opposite sex. Well, today, I achieved the peace of mind, just about three days before my gig at the Farson's Beer Festival. Speaking about this gig, everything seems to fall apart - with our drummer recovering from chicken pox and the singer from a nasty cold, we are doing the impossible to prepare for Friday's concert (more info on in Ta'Qali.

But me, being a possible reincarnation of a Buddhist monk, tries to see the positive out of this shitstorm of bad karma which lately seems to be inundating my miserable life. From a geek perspective, I am doing great results - recently, me, together with my hacker friends managed to implement IP over DNS so we can have free WiFi access everywhere. Also, I am finding some more spare time to study for the LPI and OCA certifications. On non-geek annotations, my Sicilian buddy, Renè, got a motorcycle similar to mine so we can go biking together during the weekends. In the evenings I am also finding some time everyday to practice meditation, bass guitar excercises, twenty pushups, and hopefully from next week I'll also find some time for a little swim after work.

On enjoyable terms, I'm really looking forward to the beer fest - getting mandra with beer for an entire week is very appealing in my current agenda. It's in these periods of your life where you appreciate the importance of friends :)

Supreme Nerd God

I am nerdier than 100% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out!

I don't think that this was one of the usual lame tests one finds on the inet - I don't normally do these kind of online tests anyways, but curiosity struck me when I saw that the author of a whitepaper I was reading, a respected research and security engineer, actually took this test. It was a three minute test, and although I knew I was a kind of nerd, I didn't know that I can be classified as a Nerd God.

"According to the score summary:
0% scored higher (more nerdy),
0% scored the same, and
100% scored lower (less nerdy).

What does this mean? Your nerdiness is:
All hail the monstrous nerd. You are by far the SUPREME NERD GOD!!!

Please take the test as well so I have an idea of whether the results were exaggerated or not, and post the results here. And another thing - since now I was proclaimed a God, I do expect to begin having certain privileges in da house! :p

chmod 777 today

Today it might be considered a lucky day by many people, due to the 07/07/07 date, but 777 is defintely a no-no in linux administration :) Which reminds me that yesterday I completed the four month old LPI course. Thanks goes to my instructor, a Debian maintainer, and good friend, Alberto Gonzalez. Your wisdom has helped me a lot in being a better Linux administrator.