Sporting a good riding technique

After about 9 months riding the motorcycle (5 months with the instructor on a 400cc sports bike and another 4 months riding my current 125cc custom bike), which is about a total experience of 5000km on the clock, I am finally getting a good idea to sport a safe riding technique in a venture to master the so-called 'countersteering' - a must know technique for serious bikers.

The idea of countersteering is to steer to the left to turn to the right, and vice versa. This technique is important because one could make sharp and safe cornering - when mastered, this can save a biker's life in case of an emergency (such as to avoid an obstructing animal which crosses the street, or a car which swerves across you, or maybe a distracted pedestrian dangerously crossing the street).

To cut it short, I found out that when riding my custom bike, placing my left foot a little back on the footrest, and my right foot a little on the front on the footrest (having my toes out of the footrest), I achieve a very good balance on the bike which helps me countersteer easily in both directions. Moreover, since my right foot is in front, it can easily reach the rear brake pedal and use both brakes when stopping or slowing since this is the only way the bike has the best balance when braking.

It is also important to keep the back straight and to never lock the elbows - so I have to sit on a good spot on the seat - not too close to the handlebars and not too far - 2 inches from the tank is a good position. I know this all sounds emperical and mathematical - but luckily this has become natural nowadays.

For all bikers reading this little article - good luck and happy safe riding!

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