Time for some updates

Some people were asking what happened to me, and I think they deserve some updates on this blog. My new excuse for this hiatus - Loads of ordinary things happened from the last article I wrote - things which consume my time and deprive me from reflecting a bit on what's going on. Nah that's bullshit...I was just having a good time and ended up procrastinating from updating the blog :p Ok so here are some updates from last time I managed to write something:

- Linux: my geek adventures are increasing more than ever - yet I have sinned to you compatriots because I have promised to update the r00tb0x blog - I know it's a matter of copying and pasting my personal notes, but for the past weeks I have always procrastinated from doing it. This week hopefully I will do something.
- Guitar: I have swapped an old bass guitar with a Fender Mustang electric guitar - yes I intend to learn some basic guitar chords when I have time
- White Crimson: my band is in a hibernation to produce new original songs. Meanwhile we had an interview for a TV programme which will be aired next october by the name of 'Bands'
- Work: nothing fancy...after my hacker colleague left, I ended up with more and more work. Yet it's fun as long as it's related to linux and databases
- Motorcycle: had a minor incident with it while I was driving in a wet road a couple of weeks ago. I discovered that the nylon tires were the culprit - for those who don't know the difference between nylon tires and rubber tires, picture the nylon tires as soap bars when the roads are wet..this lesson costed me a lot of money since i had to repair damages on the braking system, and replace the tires with rubber ones. But now everything is back to normal! Another thing...the rebel riders marathon was sheer fun! Looking forward for next year...
- Entertainment: I won two tickets for the Who concert: yes that's right. I took part in a UK competition, and I was one of the lucky winners who will see The Who next month at the Wembley Arena.
- YouTube: now that I learned how to record audio and video in GNU/Linux, I took the opportunity to record more stuff and place it on youtube..Just search for my name on youtube to view the videos.
- Hair: my hair is now a couple of inches long. Last week after eight months, I had my first trim to keep it in a better shape.

That's all the stuff which i can remember for now. Anyways this week is gonna be interesting as I have part 3 of 4 of the Linux Certified Administrator course.

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