Riding by the worker's day

Following an indundated series of gigs with White Crimson (ok now that really sounds arrogant, lol, but believe me - we really had a lot of gigs in a little span of time...just check our site) we are now having a little break. This means working on new material while at the same time having some more time for ourselves. For geeks like me this means - having more time to read emails, update the blogs, fooling with Linux etc...Ah yes, and this reminds me to upload my huge backlog of Linux documentation to r00tb0x blog. Well...let's get to the subject of this blogpost.

Last weekend I was stumbling across some local forums when I came across an advert which captured my attention - there was this guy who sought friends to join him and his partner for biking experiences. I took the opportunity and we got in contact and to cut the story short today we passed the afternoon cruising with our custom bikes from Golden Bay to Marsascala, stopping by a couple of bars sipping some beer.

The photo above shows our bikes. These two people are really nice and I believe this will be the start of a new friendship with our bikes. If everything goes as planned, next Sunday morning I shall meet them again, together with hundreds of other local bikers for the annual charity ride organized by the Rebel Riders...

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