Satellite Haven

For the second time, my father needed my help to fix satellite co-ordinates on his Humax 5400 receiver. While I'm no expert, I tried to put my logic and help him out. This thing has triggered me again (for the second time) an avid interest in the satellite hobby. Six months ago I was quite a newbie satellite hobbyist but was able to upload firmware, keys and that basic stuff. Actually it's a shame to be called a hobbyist at that time since my only interest was to help my father since I needed his approval for the motorcycle purchase ;)

Well this time I feel that my interest in satellites is not a false one - infact i spent a couple of hours installing loads of satellite related software on my newly acquired laptop. I was also lucky enough to stumble across a very nice community of satellite hobbists, which happen to have a good percentage of Maltese people in it - I know I have other hobbies and stuff, but I will do my best and find also time for this.

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