Ghost Rider (the movie)

While I do not consider myself a fiction intenditore, I only step inside cinema halls to watch superhero movies on a big screen. Before watching this movie, I didn't know the story of Ghost Rider so I will just tell you some survival tips in order you won't get confused when you watch this movie (sparing spoilers of course!) - In the movie, Ghost Rider is depicted as an antihero riding a motorcycle combatting demons who lurked on earth many centuries ago in the form of the earth's elements - during the day Ghost Rider is Johnny Blaze, a motorcycle stunt man, but during the night, Zarathos, a devilish entity with whom his soul was bound, takes over and Blaze becomes Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider existance in the movie is to serve Mephisto, an arch demon, with whom Johnny Blaze made a pact to spare his dad's life. In reality (i.e. fictional reality heh) the story is much more complex than that...

The movie's main protagonists are my all time favorite Nicholas Cage and the beautiful Eva Mendes. This movie may have adverse effects for motorcyclists in a similar way to what Fast and Furious affected most of the car drivers!

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