Linux Power User

Completing the Linux Power User course doesn't necessarily make you a Linux Power User, but hey, migrating from a fullfetched bloated window manager such as Beryl to something more keyboard driven such as Fluxbox, using mutt email clients, having your keyboard leds flashing to notify you of new incoming emails, irssi chatting clients, and fiddling with screen may help :) For more GNU/Linux content follow the hyperlinks in this paragraph ^_^

I would like to thank agi, the LPE trainer for the past 5 days, and avid Debian system developer. Of course now i feel much more confident on GNU/Linux and i have departed from the drag and drop world to a more hardcore one haha.

I still consider myself a baby tux, but i'm sure that in a couple of years time I will grow up (by a couple of years!) :)

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