Backlog of documentation

I have so many documentation to post on r00tb0x that I don't know from where to start :/ Frankly I need to document them for two reasons - as my own personal reference, and for the fact that I haven't found decent documentation about these topics on the internet. So please be patient and tune to r00tb0x when you have some time to spare.

PS: As of a couple of hours ago I have managed to connect my Nokia 9500 communicator with Debian GNU/Linux over bluetooth (since it's the only protocol supported!) - more about this on r00tb0x ;)

New kernel, more fun

I've just compiled and built the Linux 2.6.20-4 kernel on redpill (my Debian GNU/Linux box), with NVIDIA 3D drivers. I will post all the details of how I did it on my r00tb0x blog very soon. Now off to the RHCP gig (in which we were going to perform too! Damn Maltese thrifty organizers). Enjoy the rest of the weekend...


I believe this is how I would look like if I were a character inside Southpark :P

Centericq and rtorrent

Centericq, a text based msn client, and rtorrent, a text based torrent client, are two of my latest acquisitions in an attempt to move to text based clients. Extremely light, fast and versatile. Yummy...

Linux Power User

Completing the Linux Power User course doesn't necessarily make you a Linux Power User, but hey, migrating from a fullfetched bloated window manager such as Beryl to something more keyboard driven such as Fluxbox, using mutt email clients, having your keyboard leds flashing to notify you of new incoming emails, irssi chatting clients, and fiddling with screen may help :) For more GNU/Linux content follow the hyperlinks in this paragraph ^_^

I would like to thank agi, the LPE trainer for the past 5 days, and avid Debian system developer. Of course now i feel much more confident on GNU/Linux and i have departed from the drag and drop world to a more hardcore one haha.

I still consider myself a baby tux, but i'm sure that in a couple of years time I will grow up (by a couple of years!) :)

100% migration to GNU/Linux

As of last article I have completed the transition from windows to GNU/Linux completely. I would like to thank Rene` for his precious support in my effort to complete this phase :D

That basically means that there is nothing I can do with Windows which I can't do with GNU/Linux. Actually, there are many things which I can do with GNU/Linux that I definitely can't in Windows. To be completely fair, there are some specialised Windose software which I forcely have to use...but that's why I've installed a Win2K virtual machine ^_^


No don't worry, this isn't an environmental rant type of blogpost. But the highlights of the past 2 days (at work at least) were fumes. Yesterday I made a toast which burned inside the work faulty toaster and caused the smoke alarm of the canteen to trigger. The alarm rang for about 10 minutes since none of us knew how to turn it off...

Today, while i was not at the work premises (as i was at the linux training), a chimney, which was close to the work building, exploded (apparently due to the rain) and all the employee cars were dirtied by the debris. The responsibles of the chimney came to wash the cars..Luckily I had just arrived in time for a free car wash! :)

Virtual machines on my Linux

Yesterday I installed the VMWare server on my GNU/Linux box and today I created a Windows 2K virtual machine on top of it. So now I can run windows applications on my Linux box - this will hopefully conclude my utter migration to Linux and live happily ever after. The process to install a virtual machine is quite easy - remember to also install VMWare Tools after you create a virtual machine so graphics will be enhanced.

* * *

Today I configured the GNU/Linux box as a router/gateway so that I can easily access the virtual machine through samba. Checkout r00tb0x blog for more details about this. This is getting simple brilliant.

Linux Education Programme

Following the agreement between the MIIIT and IBM, commencing from next week, is the infamous Linux Education Programme which I will be attending. For more information about the programme you may click here. Could this be the incubation of many fellow Maltese Linuxers?

Playing with the RHCP tribute band

I believe that at the moment life is playing some ironic games with me. Today I have received confirmation from Eman of Keith and Co. promotions, that my band will be playing as a warmup act for UK's top Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band! That is simply amazing because I have seen this band playing live last summer and they are really great...not to mention also my deep passion for Red Hot Chili Peppers per se.

My feeling is that this will be a date not to forget...

Edit: Of course it will be a date not to forget...The promoters decided not to pay us because we will be 'just' a warm up band. Tough luck Eman, we're not a charity band :) Asta la vista and find another band!

Beryl on Debian

I have just installed Beryl on my Debian (testing) box and so far it works really nice although I need to do further testing and configuration. The CPU load is higher, obviously, but didn't exceed 7% of the usual operations. You can install Beryl through this nifty script. In some future blogpost I will put some screenshots of my new environment, which is by far more superior than Windows Vista.

Burton and Jefferson talk about November Rain

Do you remember the cool November Rain MTV video, a debut by Guns 'n Roses? Read a bit this parody, because it's hilarious! Warning though, your IQ might drop a little :)

Mod for the daystar muffler

Last week i made my first motorcycle mod to improve the muffler sound. I made use of simple water faucets which you can find in any plumbing stores, about 60mm in diameter, looking something like this:

Then just glue them to the end of the muffler using either metal paste or silicon, and this is the end result:

Source: Daystar Custom Club Spain