Last year, approximately about this period of time, I commented about Faniello's song which won the Maltese Eurovision song contest. Today I will not comment except for the fact to wish Olivia Lewis her best luck with her song Vertigo. The song was written by Gerald James Borg and composed by Philip Vella.

I don't know if it's my ear or not, but I found that the oriental flamenco pop composition is very similar to the idea and concept we find in Ruslana's song, Wild Dance, which won the contest two years ago. Are we Maltese trying to follow some sort of strategy? (Should we expect an underground Maltese death metal band next year, to compare with Lordi's? :/) tara-ta-tammmmmmm! I foiled the whole conspiracy!

PS: You can find Vertigo's lyrics, and more information about Olivia Lewis, on her website.

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