Streaming Virgin Radio to the workmates

Few hours after I wrote the post about Virgin Radio Classic Rock, I was contacted by the digital media director of Virgin Radio himself, to thank me for the 'advert'! This encouraged me to propagate this internet radio even at work....however I don't want the boss to be angry with me for congesting the whole broadband network so with the help of my friend I'm locally streaming it (the exact term is unicasting) from my laptop to the local area network - this way, only I am accessing the broadband to access the stream, whereas the workmates are using the local network to listen to the stream.

Actually the whole process is very easy. Download VLC and install it where you want to broadcast the stream. We'll refer to this as the streaming server. Secondly, just follow the below screenshots to be able to connect to Virgin's stream and then output it to a private network (for example at work):

Now everyone will be glorified by the best rock music ^_^

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