Podcatching on Linux

Podcatching is a term used when you download podcasts. As a matter of fact I've been lately interested in listening to Toni Sant's podcasts, and since I'm migrating to Linux, it was the ideal moment to start podcatching. So here is a simple how-to guide which can help you listen Toni's podcasts:

1) download hpodder
2) add your hpodder feed (hpodder add http://feeds.feedburner.com/maltamedia/podcasts)
3) list episodes - hpodder lsepisodes
4) if you want to download all episodes, do a hpodder download
5) if you want to dowload all episodes of a given CAST ID (obtained from step 3) just do hpodder download
6) if you want to download just the latest episode, use the catchup parameter: hpodder catchup [cast-id], followed by hpodder download [cast-id]. You may also download the latest two or three (etc) episodes by using the -n parameter after the 'catchup' parameter.

For my particular scenario I cron the following:
- hpodder catchup 9
- hpodder download 9
- gmplayer [podfile].mp3

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