Migrating to Linux completely

I'm putting my mind where it used to belong one time, when I used to endorse Linux with great passion. Today I have successfully installed the Nvidia driver on my Debian box by following these instructions. Now I am enjoying 3D acceleration, a 1152x864 resolution and a 75Hz refresh rate! Couple this with Gnome and a 2.6 (i686) kernel, and I'm running a very fast server :)

Apart from that, I managed to get Firefox 2 from here. It was quite a luck actually since Debian Sarge leaves it outdated. Wow, what a browser...just perfect. I also managed to code simple fetchmail scripts to retrieve my Gmail stuff and put them on my local Linux mailbox. I'm using amule as my p2p software, mplayer as the media player and Gaim as my instant messenger client...

...All in all, my migration looks quite positive indeed.

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