De Toon Town

De Toon Town is the name of a patch I created on the BOSS-GT6B. I use it exclusively for my normal playing on the Musicman Stingray bass. You are free to use it if you have a similar setup as mine.

Warning: Do not continue reading if you're not a music gear geek

With a Stingray 3EQ / BOSS GT-6B combo I believe I have achieved a near perfect tone (always subject to interpretation and mood!). Stingray EQ'd as zero treble, zero bass and maximum midrange. BOSS-GT6B patch (u7-3) was programmed as follows:

Preamp (ON)
Type: Bass 360
Bright: Off
Gain: 30
Treble: -18
Mid: +18
Bass: +10
Level: 47

Equalizer (ON)
Q: 2
Freq: 250Hz
Gain: +6dB

Q: 2
Freq: 435Hz
Gain: +5dB

Q: 4
Freq: 2.6KHz
Gain: -12dB

Speaker (OFF)

Compressor (ON)
Type: VTG Rack U
Attack: 12
Thres (I/P): 43
Ratio: 4:1
Release: 50
Level: 42


Chorus (OFF)

Rev/Del (ON)
FX Select: SOS
SOS Mode: Long
Quantize: On
Tempo: BPM
Playback Lvl: 64
Master BPM: 120

FX-1 (ON)
Enhancer ON
FX Select: ENH
Sens: 100
Freq: 800Hz
Mix Level: 71

FX-2 (ON)
Pitch Shift ON
FX Select: P.S
Voice: 1-Voice
PS1 Mode: Medium
PS1 Pitch: 0
PS1 Fine: +14
PS1 PreDly: 22ms
PS1 Feedback: 15
PS1 Level: 30
Direct Level: 100

Pedal Assign
EXP Pedal: ON
Foot Vol Min: 0
Foot Vol Max: 100

As a personal preference during clean mode I turn off the Pitch Shift (FX2) and the Limiter. During slapping I turn them both on (or else just the Pitch Shift, depending again, on the mood).

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