As some of the readers already know, I recently acquired a BOSS-GT6B. For those who don't know what it is, please google it. As for the other who know what it is but are hesitating whether to get one or not, just get it! It's awesome and you cannot ask for more. For those who want to hear what it sounds like with a Stingray, come at our gig next Wednesday at the Alley.

I am writing this post to illustrate how I have done a simple quick DIY case for this unit since it didn't come with one. I think a carrying bag/case is essential to have since this unit is large and heavy. So well here are the steps:

Step 1 - Get a used soft guitar case (even if the zip is broken)

Step 2 - Open it and flatten it completely

Step 3 - Place the unit as shown below

Step 4 - Fold the case from the left as shown below

Step 5 - Fold the case from top to bottom

Now you can hold it from the handles. I know this looks stupid, but trust me, it works and is durable.

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