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A star during the day

Ban those leggings!

Hello gals - Do you really think you're sexy when you wear those leggings? Chances are you haven't bumped across me yet...

Leggings are fugly (fuckin ugly). Leggings layered under skirts and dresses are the cherry on the cake when it comes to atrocity. I am no trend expert, and I thank God for not being, looking at the way trend is going. Join my campaign and if you see a girl with leggings, slap her.

De Toon Town

De Toon Town is the name of a patch I created on the BOSS-GT6B. I use it exclusively for my normal playing on the Musicman Stingray bass. You are free to use it if you have a similar setup as mine.

Warning: Do not continue reading if you're not a music gear geek

With a Stingray 3EQ / BOSS GT-6B combo I believe I have achieved a near perfect tone (always subject to interpretation and mood!). Stingray EQ'd as zero treble, zero bass and maximum midrange. BOSS-GT6B patch (u7-3) was programmed as follows:

Preamp (ON)
Type: Bass 360
Bright: Off
Gain: 30
Treble: -18
Mid: +18
Bass: +10
Level: 47

Equalizer (ON)
Q: 2
Freq: 250Hz
Gain: +6dB

Q: 2
Freq: 435Hz
Gain: +5dB

Q: 4
Freq: 2.6KHz
Gain: -12dB

Speaker (OFF)

Compressor (ON)
Type: VTG Rack U
Attack: 12
Thres (I/P): 43
Ratio: 4:1
Release: 50
Level: 42


Chorus (OFF)

Rev/Del (ON)
FX Select: SOS
SOS Mode: Long
Quantize: On
Tempo: BPM
Playback Lvl: 64
Master BPM: 120

FX-1 (ON)
Enhancer ON
FX Select: ENH
Sens: 100
Freq: 800Hz
Mix Level: 71

FX-2 (ON)
Pitch Shift ON
FX Select: P.S
Voice: 1-Voice
PS1 Mode: Medium
PS1 Pitch: 0
PS1 Fine: +14
PS1 PreDly: 22ms
PS1 Feedback: 15
PS1 Level: 30
Direct Level: 100

Pedal Assign
EXP Pedal: ON
Foot Vol Min: 0
Foot Vol Max: 100

As a personal preference during clean mode I turn off the Pitch Shift (FX2) and the Limiter. During slapping I turn them both on (or else just the Pitch Shift, depending again, on the mood).


As some of the readers already know, I recently acquired a BOSS-GT6B. For those who don't know what it is, please google it. As for the other who know what it is but are hesitating whether to get one or not, just get it! It's awesome and you cannot ask for more. For those who want to hear what it sounds like with a Stingray, come at our gig next Wednesday at the Alley.

I am writing this post to illustrate how I have done a simple quick DIY case for this unit since it didn't come with one. I think a carrying bag/case is essential to have since this unit is large and heavy. So well here are the steps:

Step 1 - Get a used soft guitar case (even if the zip is broken)

Step 2 - Open it and flatten it completely

Step 3 - Place the unit as shown below

Step 4 - Fold the case from the left as shown below

Step 5 - Fold the case from top to bottom

Now you can hold it from the handles. I know this looks stupid, but trust me, it works and is durable.

Daelim Daystar Motor Club

After entire weeks surfing the net to find a refuge for a Daelim owner like me, i finally stumbled across this French club. It took me around an hour for me to decypher all the french words and successfully register in this club.

The hard time was well worth as I've met a very warm community which will keep me as a Daelim biker, very happy for a substantial amount of time. Not only that, but the administrator was so kind that he translated a big bunch of the content and also opened a forum in english just to accomodate me! I'm suddenly loving France :)

The world is yours

Does it sound familiar to you? It's the tagline for the great timeless movie, Scarface. I know it may seem motard to only having watched it for the first time yesterday, but better late than never.

What do I think of this 80's movie, without spoiling the plot? If you like Al Pacino in the tough guy hat, you should see it. The whole story revolves around the so-called American Dreams, which like many movies based on this concept, have a sad ending. But this is definitely a classic to be saved in my DVD collections.

Shortshifter + Gaitor

Who needs to buy an expensive shortshifter when you can always hacksaw the gear stick? Maybe the serious racers who require a quickshifter...well I'm not one of them, so I decided to chop 41mm off the stick.

And while I was in the business, i decided to put on a nice leather gaitor as well. Pretty cool uhm?

Light your knob

Ok so today I learned that in British slang that may mean something *really* funny :) Anyhows, I just took some pics of the car's console after i fitted an LED gear knob (I connected it to the headlights switch so when i turn on the headlights, the knob will light as well).

Actually the reason behind this post is to serve as a trackback for my Mazda club's forum.

Todo list for 2007

The following are some of the stuff I would like to do for this year:

- Keep my hair growing long
- Get the motorcycle license (possibly by March)
- Record some stuff with the band
- Annoy more people ^_^
- Learn 'YYZ' (Rush)
- Learn 'Portrait of Tracy' (Jaco Pastorius)
- Get the mighty Boss GT-6B fx pedal

Allcare don't fuckin care

Allcare Insurance boast of their efficient service, like the rest of the insurance companies anyways. The police report was efficiently collected (nein!) in three weeks. Their staff is lazy, incompetent and arrogant with their customers. The only positive thing in Allcare is their entrance door which automagically slides open when someone is in proximity.