A personal annual resume`

It's difficult to summarize one's year in a few words, especially for one who doesn't keep a life diary (oh a blog doesn't count if you may ask).

I believe that my major 2006 highlights in a nutshell, in chronological order, were the following:

1) Formed a band, White Crimson, and have been gigging around and writing original stuff. Actually it's my first rock band which I have really faith in and give it a certain priority in my life...
2) Departed from my best buddy Keith since we took separate ways in our career (although we do still meet)
3) Resigned from a company in which I've been working three years, and joined a new company which was only operating for 5 weeks at my time of joining (crazy eh!)
4) Bought (and learning) my first motorcycle

Maybe you had a more interesting year, or a more boring year than mine. But nonetheless I wish you are still in control of your life and look forward for next year. This is my personal greeting to you guys. I deeply wish you a Happy New Year!

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