Silly but dangerous incident

This afternoon I decided to take a little ride with the motorcycle across the neighbourhood. I opened the garage door, wore the bike helmet, took the motorcycle outside the garage (kept it on to warm the engine) and headed back inside the garage to close the doors from the inside. Destiny wanted me to remove my helmet before i closed the door - I close the door, slightly slamming it, and POOM...A piece of the rooftop fell on my head, causing me a 10 second concussion and a minor head injury. Wasn't really terrified of the bleeding, however I panicked since I had left the mobile phone at home (which was like one hundred metres away from the garage), noone in the neighbourhood, ruins from the rooftop which dispersed all over the garage entrance impeded me to take the bike (now in the centre of the road) back inside, and a bloody nausea. I realized that the wound was deep and the bleeding didn't cease, in fact I was already counting the stitches to be done :)

To cut it short, i managed to be in contact with my father who brought some first aid stuff with him, and I was back home in around an hour later the incident occured. Needless to say, since me and my father shared the garage, he appreciated that he could have been the victim in place. I on the other hand appreciated that if the stone block feel one inch apart from the forehead, it would have landed on my temples and God knows what would have been the result.

This incident really reminded me of a story I've read about this person (I think he was a priest or some minister) who was told by a clairevoyant that he will die of a head injury when something from the roof will fall on his head. He eventually will wear a helmet at all times. This was so for several years. One particular day he removed the helmet for a few seconds to scratch his head, and a stone chip fell on his temple, killing him...hehe...ok it wasn't that funny.

Moral of the story - incidents may occur in very twisted ways.

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