Jelly and the Art of the Motorcycle

This is not a counterbook for Zen and the Art of the Motorcycle which seven years ago I had to study for the most repellant sixth form subject ever - systems of knowledge. The irony is that seven years ago I never imagined myself riding a steel horse. Over the years, particularly after my car driving experience, I now appreciate the fact that having a motorcycle one can go beyond where the four wheels can take you.

My type of bikes are the cruisers - this motorcycle just reflects my personality - lean, relax and aggressive at the same time. To cut it short, I just bought myself a nice birthday present - a Daelim 125cc cruiser:

I're curious to see a real picture of my babe sitting in my garage until i get the license! So here is a crappy photo of my cruiser:

As you can see it has some custom airbrush done by their previous owners John and his fiancee` Jane, both very nice persons. Can't wait to get the license and ride the beast on the road ^_^

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