Search for sound II

In an earlier post, Search for sound I based the sound on the Boss GEB7 pedal. What this pedal lacked was the fact that it is not suitable for live and recording situations, reason being that it is not a preamp. So in small clubs I might obtain a very good sound, but for PA/mixer situations (such as in a beerfest venue) the sound engineer will just overkill my EQ.

That's why I got the SansAmp Bass Driver D.I.. It took me a long effort to find a cool sound, but it was worth every second. This is an ascii representation of my sound chain:

Musicman Stingray ---> SansAmp ---> Amplifier ---> Cab

If the Amplifier is a bass amp, I use the Return input of the effects loop - this way all the amplifier's EQ is completely bypassed so I rely solely on the EQ of the bass (with a bit of boost from the SansAmp). Since the SansAmp is 3-way programmable, I took advantage to make the following sounds:

Channel 1 ---> Mute (This will be useful for tuning, changing bass guitars, eliminate any feedback when bass guitar is not played)

Channel 2 ---> Distortion (The sort of distortion you can hear in Smoke on the Water)

Channel 3 ---> Clean/Slap (This gives a warm tone with some highs and beefy lows)

This is how I configured SansAmp:

Drive - 5 o'clock
Bass - 12 o'clock
Treble - 3 o'clock
Presence - 12.02 o'clock
Blend - 10 o'clock
Level - 2 o'clock

Drive - 9 o'clock
Bass - 5 o'clock
Treble - 5 o'clock
Presence - 7 o'clock
Blend - 5 o'clock
Level - 3 o'clock

This is how I set the EQ on the musicman stingray:

Using the notation that each knob goes from -10 to +10:
Volume: +10
Treble: 0
Midrange: +5
Bass: -10

I hope that this article was useful to musicians having a similar setup.

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